HAFDS Certificate Programs

HAFDS Certificate Programs

**HAFDS is happy to announce that we are streamlining our programs and consolidating some classes in order to improve your learning experience!

Please see details below!
**This shift is taking effect in 2023.


Programs are a series of  5 Single-Day classes that teach specific skill sets chosen specifically for that certificate. We offer two: The Journeyman Program (a well rounded set that includes sympathy design, corporate design, social design, and business management), and The Wedding Program (a complete set of social design classes that include all of the personal flower designs, ceremony designs, reception designs, and a business management class).

The Journeyman Certificate  consists of five (5) Single-Day classes spread out over the year. There are duplicates of most classes in this curriculum in order to facilitate different student schedule needs.

The Wedding Certificate  consists of five (5) Single-Day classes spread out over the year. There are duplicates of most classes in this curriculum in order to facilitate different student schedule needs.

The net result is greater availability, and the ability to tailor our schedule to yours.

In order to achieve either the Wedding Certificate* or the Journeyman Certificate*, you MUST complete the six (6) chosen classes for that curriculum. Bookings for the Certificate level classes will be on a “Lump sum” basis, meaning that each student must book their classes in advance, at the time of registration. Multiple dates of most Certificate level classes are available to facilitate concentrating or spreading out classes as needed. Please consult the schedule to choose your class path.

Below is a layout of the Certificate programs we offer.
Dates are available per year on our Schedule (2023) page:

Wedding certificate program

Elegant Centerpieces

Personal Flowers

The Glass Class

Proposals and Profitability

Beautiful Bouquets

Journeyman certificate program

Personal Flowers


Everyday Floral


Proposals and Profitability

As an example: Breanna wishes to take our Wedding Certificate program, so she would:

  1. Check the Schedule for the classes that best suit her availability.
  2. Select the class dates she would prefer.
  3. Use our simple Registration Page to select her Program, and the dates of the classes she wants.
  4. Call Halls to pay her retainer for the set classes.
  5. Begin attending.
  6. Complete her five (5) required classes.
  7. Receive her certificate!

Once selected and retained, Breanna MUST attend all of her classes to receive her Certificate.

*Certificates are certificates of completion. HAFDS is a for-profit school of floral design and is not in any way sponsored, governed, controlled by, or associated with any University System, State Government, or Federal Education Program. Our excellent reputation has been proven by our continuing success (15 years now!) and over 4,000 satisfied students. Our primary focus is to provide a thorough education in floral design, and improve the skill sets of both new and practiced designers. 

*** A personal note about Certificates and Certification: Since we have been in operation, many students have called to inquire about “Certification”. Hopefully this will help clear up any lingering questions.

The State of Georgia does not offer any State Sponsored Certification in the field of Floral Design. They consider it both an “art” and a “trade”. There are at this point no governing bodies that regulate curriculum, set curriculum, or establish “standards” in our field. In the contiguous United States, there are only seven states that do offer any form of certification. Normally it is offered as a minor or certificate attached to a four year horticultural degree. Mississippi is the only state to offer Floral Shop Management, and that is coupled with a four year horticultural degree.
Since starting the school ten years ago, I’ve lobbied to have the State add our field to their Certification programs, but as yet have had no success.

In my 32 years in Floral Design and the Special Event Industry, I’ve yet to have anyone ask for my certification. Generally, potential employers and clients want to see what you know, and what you can do.  My personal advice is to learn how to do it, and build your business.


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