Account Registration

Please note: As a business to business wholesaler, we only accept certain types of organizations as clients. If you are not a licensed business (Valid Business License), LLC (Certificate of Organization from the Secretary of State), Official charity (501.3C), church (Letter of organization or request), Public school (see accounting), Private School (business license), or other approved organization, you will not be able to acquire an account. 

Georgia Sales Tax Exemption Form (ST5)

If you do not have an ST5 on file with us, you will pay tax. If you are not reselling the purchased items (you are the end user), you will be charged tax.

You will be prompted to “print” the ST5 form once it is completed. Choose to “save” the form as a .pdf, and you will then be able to upload it below. uses cookies to track site analytics. Click here to opt out of this use of cookies. Click here to opt-out.