Wholesale Flowers For Film and Movie Production

Flowers For Atlanta Film Production

We’re happy that you’ve come to our beautiful city to work. We are an in-town, in-stock floral wholesaler capable of expediting large orders. We completely understand the accelerated schedules of set work, and the importance of deadlines.
Our fresh cut flower selection is huge, and refreshed daily. Foliages, flowers, fresh mosses, branches, and so much more.
Our supplies department carries several lines of incredibly realistic artificial flowers, foliages, and succulents. We sell dried bamboo, birch, mosses, all manner of containers, decorative accessories, and exotic items. Many of the unusual elements that appear in recent movies were purchased here!

Purchasing Wholesale Flowers For Film Production:

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Movie News for Atlanta!

As more and more production companies set up camp in Atlanta, we expect them to become as integral to our industry as special event companies and retailers. We’re gearing up appropriately, and carrying more permanent botanicals, trees, shrubs, and containers that look great on camera! Read more about the burgeoning film industry in Atlanta here: Georgia’s Film Industry is the Fastest Growing in the World

Shortage of Movie Production Staff?

According to some sources, experienced help on-set is becoming an issue in Atlanta as the film industry grows by leaps and bounds. Fortunately, hiring from Atlanta’s citizen ranks means hiring folks with knowledge of Atlanta’s on-the-ground resources, like US!
We’ve been in business since 1921, and are well known in the city for providing beautiful flowers (both artificial and fresh), wholesale plants, natural products, rocks, sticks, vases, containers, and all manner of craft or floral supplies. Ask any native of Atlanta, and you’ll surely hear our name!
Here’s the article from The Wall Street Journal

“Citycentric” Growth in “Y’allywood”!

One of the most exciting aspects of Film Industry growth for us “Atlantanites” is the repercussions involving our fine city. According to recent statistics, the greatest component of the mega-burst is to be felt in the city itself:

“The tax incentive is administered at the state level, but of the more than $6 billion in economic impact for the state in this industry, 75 percent of that takes place in the city.” ~

Feel free to read more about the most influential financial factor in Atlanta’s growth since Sherman’s fiery “renovations” here: Citycentric Growth!

Please stop by and see us, or just give a call or email. We’ll be delighted to help you find whatever you might need.

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