Here’s a nifty little link that will teach you some of the myths associated with fresh flower care, and more importantly, how to do it right!

Fresh flower care myths:


<author sits down heavily, wipes sweat from forehead with back of arm, and beams with joy>

That was some  Spring and wedding season!!!! Sorry it took me so long to blog again, but we’ve been a little busy around here! This year sure has been a major improvement over the last several years. We’ve seen so many more of our old friends, students, and new faces thanks to the uptick in the economy. You can certainly see the new growth in our industry. And we have been happy to see it!

Now we are piloting our ship through the last of the early summer wedding season. What I like to think of as the Antares Nebula of the Event Industry. We’ll have a month or so to cool our engines, replenish our supplies, and refuel. The raw summer heat on planet Georgia is so extreme that most Brides won’t even venture out into it, much less hold their weddings in it.  High temps and heavy humidity are what create the “Summer lull”.

Correspondingly, we traditionally observe July and August with weary eyes and a yearning for September, when the second Wedding Season begins. We here at starship Halls hope that you have a great summer, and get lots of rest. The busy time is coming, and this year will be better than ever!

Captain’s Log: Stardate 06.29.13. Trimming engines to coast, and setting nacells to “coast”. Have a GREAT Summer! Our Traditional Summer hours are in effect: Monday through Friday, from 7am until 3pm….Saturdays from 8am until noon. Please make a note. Captain out.
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